Sundarban Tiger Reserve Set to Reopen Its Gates to Tourists as COVID-19 Lockdown Eases


For many who have been staying at home, a walk in the park is something they must be looking forward to once the COVID-19 lockdown eases. For those seeking a more adventurous kind of park visit though, they can rejoice as the government has agreed to open the gates of the Sundarban Tiger Reserve in Kolkata from June 15, 2020. Also Read – West Bengal Braces as Cyclone Bulbul Shifts From Bangladesh, Hits Sundarban Coast | 10 Points

Sundarban National Park in West Bengal is a tiger reserve, biosphere reserve and a national park that is full of wildlife of various kinds. And though there will be a variety of things for people to see, they will still have to stick to guidelines issued by the National Tiger Conservation Authority. Also Read – Sundarbans Could Entirely Vanish in The Next 50 Years, Taking With it The Bengal Tiger

As per the notice that was issued, people will have to adhere to the following rules: Also Read – How to reach Sundarban National Park

1. All the tourists and crew shall be tested for temperature, using a no contact thermometer, before they can board the boat.

2. All the tourists and crew have to ensure they have their face masks and shields throughout the tour.

3. All the boats/launches shall have provision for sanitizer/hand wash which should be used at the time of boarding and deboarding or whenever it is required.

4. People below 10 years and above 65 years of age will not be permitted into the Tiger Reserve.

5. To ensure proper social distancing, maximum 5 boats or launches only will be permitted in each camp at a time.

6. The number of people and crew that will be allowed on a boat will be 12 people for 2 cylinder boat, 18 for a 4 cylinder boat, 25 for a 6 cylinder boat, and 35 for a 6 cylinder launch.

7. There will be no lavatory facility available at the camps as tourists will not be allowed to disembark from vehicles while at the Tiger Reserve.


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