Things You Can Do Right Now to Feel Less Anxious

Anxiety affects millions of people all over the world, every single day.

Some have clinical anxiety that requires treatment, others simply experience the natural effects of a stressful and anxiety-ridden daily life.

But no matter what form or intensity of anxiety you experience, there’s always something you can do right now to make the situation better — and feel less anxious.

There are a lot of little tricks and techniques you can use to manage anxiety and feelings of anxiousness, however, some work better than others. Here are some techniques you can try the next time you start feeling anxious:

1. Control Your Breathing
Most people aren’t aware of just how closely connected the mind and body are.

One great example of this is how the quality of your breathing directly affects your state of mind. Poor breathing is a major cause of heightened natural anxiety, with short and shallow breaths causing us to become increasingly more frazzled.

2. Talk to a friend

Another option is just to strike up a conversation.

Talking to people is not only great in terms of expressing what you’re feeling (something that is extremely important if you’re suffering from clinical anxiety), but also because it momentarily pulls you away from the trigger of your anxious state of mind.

3. Do a few simple stretches

Physical exercise is an easy and very effective way to reduce anxiety. Plus, you can take advantage of all the other great benefits of physical exercise while you’re at it.

4. Fixate on a sensory experience

Similar to breathing exercises, fixating on something around you, especially something persistent like the swaying of a tree or the sound of passing cars, helps suck you back into the present and root your focus on this moment. This pulls you away from the looping fear-based thought process that defines anxiety and allows you to momentarily put it aside.

5. Listen to calming music

It’s not exactly a secret that the right kind of music can have a calming quality. However, you need to use it correctly for it to serve as a tool for reducing anxiousness.

6. See through the mind’s tricks

Another way to manage feelings of anxiety is simply to recognize the way the brain often “tricks” you into thinking things are worse than they really are.



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