Undersea Walk

The excursion begins with a short motorboat transfer from the famous beach of Belle Mare to a platform anchored inside the splendid lagoon in front of Long Beach Hotel. On the platform divers will receive a short pre departure briefing on the gear, the local marine life, on safety procedures and on the underwater walking trail. Then, with the help of the guide divers will enter the water up to their shoulders one by one through an opening within the platform. Here the helmet will be placed gently over their head. Next they will be assisted to descend the ladder up to a depth of 3-4 meters and will begin the 15-20 minute undersea walk in groups of max 6 people. The 30 kg panoramic diving helmet weighs no more than a conventional motorcycle helmet under water and keeps your head dry, thus enabling you to keep your glasses or contact lenses on during the trip. A pipe connected to the surface tank provides a regular flow of air into the helmet and allows you to breathe normally. Swimming is not at all involved in undersea walking; therefore the activity is open to all non-swimmers. Experienced divers assist in taking you underwater and accompany you throughout the entire walk to guarantee your maximum safety. Surface swimming monitors also watch over you at all times.

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Price: Around US $40 per person
Duration: Around 1 hour per dive, including 20 minutes bottom time
Age: from 7 years old
Recommended for:  Non Divers/Non Swimmers, People wearing glasses or contact lenses
Not Recommended for: Pregnant women, Medically and physically unfit people

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Coastal Road, Belle Mare (East Coast, Mauritius.
All, Mauritius
Undersea Walk
All, Mauritius
Undersea Walk
All, Mauritius

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