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Skydive Austral is the easiest and safest way to make your first skydive.  A soon as you arrive, our instructors will give you a total introduction to skydiving from the ground up. Attached securely to one of our qualified and licensed tandem instructors via a dual harness system, we can have you in the air after a 15 minutes training session on exiting the aircraft and freefall body position. After the parachute opening, you will have a 5 to 7 minute parachute ride where you will be able to help the instructor steer the parachute, under his close supervision, to the ground for a nice soft landing. One thing is for sure..!  It’s time to get ready for the most extraordinary ride of your life as your first words after landing will be: let’s do it again!

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Duration: The entire experience lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes, including 30 minutes from take off to landing.Same will be subject to air traffic control and varying weather conditions.
Age: 15 years is the minimum required. For those under 18 years, they need a written authorization from their parents/guardian/authorized adult, to be accompanied by same parties and a validation from the technical staff prior to any jump.
Physical Condition: The minima is 40kg and the maxima 95Kg per participant, also taking into account varying weather conditions of the day.The participants must be healthy, in good physical and mental conditions.
What to Wear: For safety reasons everyone must wear closed shoes.

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Phones:+230 5499 5551
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All, Mauritius
Skydive Mauritius
All, Mauritius
Skydive Mauritius
All, Mauritius

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