Rambagh Palace

Accommodation: Rambagh Palace offers 79 rooms and stunningly restored suites, which were the chambers of the former Maharaja. Use of rich fabrics and silk drapes draw from the colorful art and warm hues of the state of Rajasthan. Walk from room to room amongst rich textures, opulent furnishings and exquisite objects d’art. Step out into expansive, ornamental gardens arranged in brilliant symmetry. Retire to rooms that were once the sanctuaries of kings, princes and their guests. Rambagh Palace exudes an unmistakable sense of history.

Experience: In the finest tradition of Rajput hospitality, the Rambagh Palace offers its guests a taste of royal living - a luxury and extravagance that was once the sole preserve of kings. The Historical Walk leads guests through the whims of princes, the romance of princesses, the impeccable pride and craft of royal artisans, the passion of artists and two and a half centuries of royal lives and times. Palace Butlers keep listeners enthralled with insights into the history of the palace and anecdotes of yesteryear’s maharajas. After a century-and-a-half of legacy and legend, gently transition back to the present with a glass of Sparkling Wine at the legendary Polo Bar. The palace gardens are a haven for some of the land’s most beautiful birds. The star, of course, being possibly the world’s most beautiful bird - the majestic peacock. In stark contrast to the vast uni-hued desert sands, folk dancers and musicians explode in a riot of color and vibrant tradition. Sit back on the sprawling upper front lawns of the palace as they enthrail you with their lively steps and jaunty tunes against the backdrop of the majestic palace - a show nearly identical to the ones the maharajas of yore enjoyed. The ancient rulers of these desert kingdoms were fierce believers in their court astrologers, and would rarely make a move without the stars aligning in their favour. Experience for yourself the mystique of this age-old practice as acclaimed palace palmist and astrologer Mr. Dandiya consults the future in your palm and in the stars. Sporting enthusiasts can find a lot to be enthusiastic about at the palace. Enjoy a lap or two in the sparkling outdoor pool. Make your way to the palace jogging track for a brisk walk or jaunty run. Take a short walk from the main port cochere to the mini-golf course, croquet field and table tennis room. The Jiva Grande Spa - just like everything else at the palace - is a window back to the days of pampered royalty. A fairytale ambience, along with signature Jiva Spa therapies and experiences from ancient regal India, makes for an unimaginably lavish experience. For those seeking day excursions to nearby shopping and cultural attractions, you can easily make arrangements with your palace butler or Palace Services. When you’re living the life of a king, there is only one way to explore the Pink City - seated inside a vintage car that was once in the possession of an Indian royal family, your faithful butler at your side. Guests can also choose to ride in the palace’s vintage horse-drawn carriage every evening.

Dining: Something as simple as savoring a delicious meal is taken to another level of refinement here at the palace. Each meal can be a private and special experience in an ethereal and fairytale dining setting, taking you on culinary journeys quite unlike any other. Enjoy a memorable evening of champagne, moonlight, candles and romance in a private ’Jharokha’ or tent, lit with flaming torches, and nestled on the palace greens. Revel in a royal evening, lounging and feasting under a star-speckled sky. Have a romantic rendezvous in Baradari - the palace room that overlooks the grand fountain in the gardens and the Palace façade. For details and to arrange the perfect dining moments, please contact your butler

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Bhawani Singh Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.
Jaipur, India
Rambagh Palace
Jaipur, India
Rambagh Palace
Jaipur, India

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